Final Cut Express 1 - Technical Specifications

Final Cut Express 1 - Part Number
Retail M8987Z/A

Final Cut Express 1 System requirements

  • Macintosh computer with a 300-MHz or faster PowerPC G3 or G4 processor and built-in FireWire.
  • A 500-MHz or faster single or 450-MHz dualprocessor Power Mac G4 or PowerBook G4 is required for G4 real-time effects.
  • A 667-MHz PowerBook G4 is required for mobile G4 real-time effects.
  • Mac OS X v10.2 or later.
  • QuickTime 6.0.2 or later.
  • 256MB of RAM (384MB recommended for G4 real-time effects).
  • 40MB of available disk space required for installation.

Input/Capturing Video

  • Plug-and-play support for most DV25-format camcorders and decks:MiniDV and DVCAM (NTSC or PAL).
  • Works effortlessly with most FireWire-enabled MiniDV camcorders from leading manufacturers like Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and JVC.


  • Print to Video command lets you send a sequence or clip to videotape for recording.
  • Projects can be recorded on your DV camcorder.
  • Footage can be looped if you want to output your program multiple times on the same tape.
  • Import your completed project in iDVD or DVD Studio Pro to create a DVD.
  • Add chapter markers with or without comments and durations to jump to specified content.
  • Projects can be exported using a wide range of codecs, including MPEG-4, for distribution via email or the web.

Editing Tools

  • Unique mode-free interface lets you move seamlessly between editing, trimming, compositing and effects, and audio functions in the Viewer, Canvas, Browser, and Timeline.
  • Three-point editing model uses three edit points to define where a new clip should be added to your sequence. Final Cut Express calculates the fourth point.
  • Editing commands are available from multiple points in the interface.
  • Sync detection and correction compensates for audio and video tracks that slip out of sync.
  • Edits to clips reference the original video so the source footage is never altered.
  • Multiple editing actions, including insert, overwrite, and replace, give you control over how clips are added to the timeline.
  • Extend and split trimming edit functions include slip-and-slide, ripple, and roll tools.
  • Active track targeting lets you specify individual or multiple tracks to apply edits to, or to protect from being edited.
  • The Autosave Vault saves your project at specified intervals so you can return to any point in your edit without losing your work.

Transitions, Filters and Effects

  • Final Cut Express includes over 200 transitions, filters, and effects.
  • Precision controls are available simply by clicking a tab in the Viewer window.
  • Real-time effects deliver select transitions, titles, and composites without rendering on Mac systems equipped with G4 processors.
  • Make sure flesh tones and other key elements are accurate.
  • Mix colors to achieve a visual style.
  • Match footage from different sources for consistency.
  • Correct errors in color balance and exposure.


  • Use nesting to build virtually unlimited compositing layers for complex video effects.
  • Import Adobe Photoshop files complete with layers to create effects and motion graphics.
  • Use Bezier curves with movable motion paths, graphs, and numerical controls to apply and control animations.
  • Smooth compositing animations with ease in/ease out motion paths.
  • Use time effects, including slow motion with frame blending, to create smooth time-altered playback.
  • With accurate subpixel interpolation rendering, effects placed on a clip are applied smoothly to produce a high-quality result.
  • Apply effects to time ranges, not just clips, for full control over the look of a sequence.
  • Use Photoshop-like transfer modes such as multiply and lighten.
  • Use the flicker filter to incorporate still frames from video.


  • Boris Calligraphy plug-ins help you create 3D titles.
  • Precision controls are available simply by clicking a tab.
  • Use the titling tools to create a range of title styles to fit your project.
  • Use the Final Cut Express standard and scrolling text generators to create titles that crawl, scroll, or appear in the lower third of the screen.
  • Combine titles with other filters, effects, and compositing for unlimited creative expression.


  • Final Cut Express lets you include up to 99 total audio tracks with up to 8 tracks of audio playback in real time.
  • More than 12 audio filters, including three-band and parameter equalizer, compressor/limiter, 60/120-Hz hum remover, and noise gate give you control over the quality of your soundtrack.
  • Built-in audio filters include reverb, EQ, echo, and noise gate.
  • Subframe audio editing to 1/100th of a frame gives you precise control over audio edits.
  • Audio level meters allow you to achieve the dynamic range you want.
  • Audio pan controls let you control stereo channel playback.
  • Sampling at 8 to 48 kHz and 8 to 16 bits enables you to match the recorded source material sample rate and control audio quality.
  • Record a voice-over track directly to the timeline.
  • Voice-over can be recorded while video is playing back for perfect timing.


  • Capture window lets you name, add comments, and organize your captured clips as you import them.
  • Support for multiple sequences in projects allows you to create alternative edits or break projects up into smaller pieces.
  • Sequences can be nested and remain fully editable.
  • They can also be reused in multiple timelines.
  • Asset management is made easier with bins that allow you to organize your files and sequences in a project.


Published Date: Oct 15, 2010