DVD Studio Pro 1.0 - Technical Specifications

System requirements

    • A Macintosh with a G4 processor and an Apple-supplied AGP graphics card
    • Mac OS 9.0.4 or 9.1
    • QuickTime 4.1 (included on DVD Studio Pro CD) or later
    • 128 megabytes of RAM
    • A DVD drive
    • Display software and hardware capable of 1024 x 768 pixels at thousands or millions of colors
    • For writing to disc: DVD-R recorder, DVD-RAM drive, or DLT tape drive

Software requirements

    • Apple DVD Player 2.3 or later (installed with the DVD Studio Pro software)
    • Edited video and audio files in MPEG or AC-3 format; or video creation and editing software, such as Final Cut Pro or any video and audio editing programs that support QuickTime and its component technology
    • MPEG encoding software, such as the QuickTime MPEG Encoder included with DVD Studio Pro. (You can also use any MPEG encoder, software or hardware based, that produces DVD-compliant streams.)
    • Adobe Photoshop (version 4.0 or later) for creating menus and buttons
    • QuickTime Pro must be installed and unlocked.


Hard disk requirements

    • You should have at least twice as much hard disk storage space as the size of your project. (For DVD-5, for example, you need 5 gigabytes [GB] for the source files, and another 5 GB to hold the multiplexed project.) For best multiplexing performance, dedicate two or three Ultra Wide A/V or FireWire hard disks to your project (make sure they contain only your media and no other programs that might fragment the disk and decrease performance). • If you have three disks, use one for video assets, one for audio assets, and the third for the finished files.
    • If you have two disks, use one for source assets and one for final files.

Published Date: Jun 26, 2009