iMac (Slot Loading) - Technical Specifications

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iMac (Slot Loading) - Technical Specifications
Logic Board Ports Power
Processor: G3, 350 or 400 MHz
PMMU: integrated
FPU: integrated
Data Path: , 100 MHz
L1 Cache:  
L2 Cache: 512K
2nd Processor: none
Slots: 0
USB: 2 yes
ADB: n/a
Video: DB-15 VGA (DV, Special Edition)
Floppy: none
SCSI: none
Geoports: none
Ethernet: 10/100 Base-T
FireWire: 2 (DV, Special Edition)
Mic Type: PlainTalk
AirPort Ready: Yes
Other Ports: Modem, Speaker, 
Max Watts: 150
Amps: 1.7
BTU per Hr: 513
Voltage: 100-260
Freq Range: 47-63 Hz
Battery Type: 3.6V Lithium
Soft Power: yes
Memory Video Memory
Logic Board: none
RAM Slots: 2, PC100 DIMM
Min - Max RAM: 64 MB - 512 MB
Min RAM Speed:  
RAM Sizes: 64, 128, 256, 512 MB
Install in Groups of: 1
Resolution Video Memory
512 x 384 n/a
640 x 400 n/a
640 x 480 32-bit
800 x 600 32-bit
832 x 624 n/a
1024 x 768 32-bit
1152 x 870 n/a
1280 x 1024 n/a

Notes: VGA port for video mirroring on all DV models
Physical Software Storage
Introduced: 10/4/1999
Discontinued: 7/19/2000
Form Factor: iMac
Gestalt ID:  
Weight (lbs): 34.7
Dimensions (in): 15.8 H x 15.2 W x 17.6 D
Notes: Comes in five different colors: Strawberry, Blueberry, Grape, Lime and Tangerine.
Addressing Modes: 32-bit
Orig SSW: 8.6
Orig Enabler:  
ROM Ver:  
ROM Size: 1 MB*
AppleTalk Ver: 60
Mac OS
Floppy Size: n/a
Floppy Inject: n/a
Min. Int HD Size: 6, 10, 13 GB
Int HD Interface: ATA
Orig CD Speed 24x
Int CD Support: yes

Published Date: Apr 15, 2013