iTunes 10 for Mac: If song titles don’t appear correctly

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
If song titles don’t appear correctly

If a song’s title and information don’t appear correctly, the file was probably created using a program that stores information differently from iTunes. You may be able to resolve the problem by converting the song’s information tags (ID3 tags) to a different storage format.

Converting the ID3 tags is also useful for songs with information in languages that use non-Roman characters, or if you want to use your MP3 files with another program that uses a different format.

To change the format of the song information tags:

  1. Select the songs you want to convert.

  2. Control-click and choose Convert ID3 Tags.

  3. In the window that appears, select “ID3 tag version” and choose a version from the pop-up menu.

If song titles look scrambled after converting information tags:

Some applications don’t translate Unicode characters correctly, resulting in scrambled song titles when you convert the ID3 tags. If your song information looks scrambled after converting the song’s ID3 tags, you can change the song title back to the title it had previously.

To reverse the Unicode characters:

  1. Control-click the song and choose Convert ID3 Tags.

  2. Click Translate Text Characters, and then choose Reverse Unicode.

To change the information back to what you had before, choose Translate Text Characters again.

Published Date: Mar 25, 2014