iTunes 10 for Mac: Choose which speakers to use

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Choose which speakers to use

You can listen to iTunes audio through any of the following:

  • Your computer’s built-in speakers

  • Speakers connected to your computer and a power outlet

  • Remote speakers connected to an AirPort Express network

  • An AirPlay-enabled device

To choose which speakers to use:

  • If you connect external speakers, iTunes plays through them and mutes the computer’s built-in speakers.

  • If you connect speakers to an AirPort Express network, or if you use Apple TV or another AirPlay-enabled device, a Speakers button appears at the bottom of the iTunes window. To listen through your remote speakers, click the button and choose the speakers from the pop-up menu that appears.

    Remote speaker pop-up menu
  • If you don’t see the menu, iTunes uses your computer’s speakers (and external speakers, if any are connected). To use only the volume controls on your remote speakers, see Adjust the sound quality.

If you can’t choose your remote speakers, make sure that:

  • Your AirPort Express is properly plugged into a working power outlet, and your remote speakers are properly connected to your AirPort Express (if you’re using AirPlay via AirPort Express).

  • Your computer is in range of your wireless network (if you’re using one) and your AirPort Express, Apple TV, or other AirPlay-enabled device is joined to the network and is active. Open the AirPort status menu and make sure your network is selected (it has a checkmark in front of it).

  • Your Apple TV is properly connected and paired with the iTunes library you’re using (if you’re using Apple TV).

If you still can’t choose your remote speakers, or need more information about setting up your AirPort Express, Apple TV, or AirPlay-enabled device, see the documentation that came with it or visit the AirPort Support or AirPort Express websites.

Last Modified: Mar 25, 2014

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