iTunes 10 for Mac: Transitions between songs

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Transitions between songs

You can set iTunes to eliminate gaps of silence between songs, making a song fade in (increase in volume) while the previous song is fading out. This feature is called crossfading.

Some CDs, such as live concert albums and classical albums, are meant to be played straight through, with no fading between the songs (or tracks). If you turn on Crossfade Songs (to fade songs in and out), you can have iTunes automatically turn it off when you play these albums.

To fade songs in and out:

  1. Choose iTunes > Preferences, and click Playback.

  2. Select Crossfade Songs.

  3. To decrease or increase the amount of time it takes for the current song to fade out at the end and the new song to fade in, drag the “seconds” slider left or right.

To play songs without fading, deselect Crossfade Songs.

To override crossfading for specific songs:

  1. In iTunes, select a song and choose File > Get Info.

  2. Click Options.

  3. Select “Part of a gapless album.”

To override crossfading for many songs at once:

  1. To select adjacent songs, Shift-click the songs.

    To select nonadjacent songs, Command-click the songs.

    To select all the songs in a playlist, click Command-A.

  2. Choose File > Get Info.

  3. Click Options.

  4. Choose Yes from the Gapless Album pop-up menu.

Published Date: Mar 25, 2014