Mac OS X 10.6 Server Admin: AFP Setup Overview

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
AFP Setup Overview

Here is an overview of the basic steps for setting up AFP service.

Before configuring AFP service, AFP must be turned on. See Turning AFP Service On.

Configure the General settings to advertise the AFP share point, enable Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9 clients to find the server, and specify a login greeting. See Configuring AFP Service General Settings.

Use Access settings to permit guest AFP users, limit the number of simultaneous Windows client connections, or set AFP authentication options. See Configuring AFP Service Access Settings.

Use Logging settings to specify how much information is recorded in AFP log files. See Configuring AFP Service Logging Settings.

Use Idle Users settings to disconnect idle clients, enable clients to reconnect after sleeping (within a specified time limit), and customize a disconnect message. See Configuring AFP Service Idle Users Settings.

After you configure AFP, start the service to make it available. See Starting AFP Service.

Published Date: Aug 6, 2013