Mac OS X 10.6 Server Admin: Adding ACEs to ACLs

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Adding ACEs to ACLs

You control access to a share point by adding or removing ACEs to the share point ACL. Each ACE defines the access permissions for a user or a group.

  1. Open Server Admin and connect to the server.

  2. Click File Sharing.

  3. Click Share Points and select the share point you want to update from the list.

  4. Click Permissions below the list.

  5. Open the Users & Groups window by clicking Add (+).

  6. Drag users and groups you want to add to the access control list.

  7. Click Save.

    By default, each new ACE gives the user or group full read permissions. In addition, all four inheritance options are selected. For more information about inheritance options, see Understanding Inheritance. To change ACE settings, see Editing ACEs.

To add an ACE:

$ sudo chmod +a file1


The name of the file you are adding.

For information about about chmod, see its man page.

Published Date: Aug 6, 2013

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