Mac OS X 10.6: Allowing applications to access your keychain

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Allowing applications to access your keychain

Applications that use passwords can’t retrieve a password from your keychain without your permission. When a message asks you to confirm access to your keychain, you see several options:

Deny: Deny prevents access, so you’ll have to provide the password yourself.

Allow Once: Allow Once grants access this time only.

Always Allow: Always Allow lets the application always retrieve the password without asking.

If you want to allow an application, such as Mail, to access your keychain without asking for a password, you can select this option in Keychain Access.

To set up automatic keychain access for an application:

  1. Open Keychain Access, located in the Utilites folder in the Applications folder.

  2. If keychains are hidden, choose View > Show Keychains.

  3. Select a keychain from the Keychains list.

  4. Select Application in the Passwords category.

    • Click the disclosure triangle by Passwords if Application isn’t visible.

  5. Double-click the password in the Keychain window, and then click Access Control.

  6. To allow all applications access to this password, select “Allow all applications to access this item.”

  7. To control access to this password, select “Confirm before allowing access.”

  8. To require the keychain password instead of the application password, select “Ask for Keychain password.”

  9. To add individual applications that can access this password, click Add (+), and navigate to the application you want to add.

    Note:If you select “Allow all applications to access this item” for an item in your keychain, it is easier for other software or a computer virus to read the password.

  10. Click Save.

Published Date: Aug 6, 2013