Mac OS X 10.6: About network install images

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
About network install images

You can install software from a network install image if your computer is on a network with Mac OS X Server and the server provides NetBoot service. If a network install image is available, its icon appears in Startup Disk preferences as a globe with a downward pointing green arrow.

The network install image can automatically install, restore, or upgrade Mac OS X, applications, or other software. Because all startup and installation information is delivered over the network, you don’t have to insert installation discs into your computer.

A system administrator creates a network install image on the server.

The administrator can:

  • Deploy the same version of Mac OS X, software updates, or site-licensed software on large numbers of Macintosh computers.

  • Create network install images from source discs, volumes, or existing disk images.

  • Add applications to any network install image. Customize the network install image to perform additional setup tasks on each client computer by adding a post-install script.

  • Manage which clients can access particular network install images.

  • Monitor a list of clients, view event logs, and check the status of other services that NetBoot service requires.

To learn more about network install images and NetBoot service in Mac OS X Server or to purchase this product, see the Mac OS X Server website at

If you already have the Mac OS X Server administration tools installed on your computer and want help managing NetBoot service, open Server Admin and choose Help > Mac OS X Server Help. If you have the Mac OS X Server administration tools installed and want help creating network install images, open System Image Utility and choose Help > System Image Utility Help.

Published Date: Aug 6, 2013