Mac OS X 10.6: Print & Fax preferences

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Print & Fax preferences

You can use Print & Fax preferences to manage the printers, scanners, and fax machines you use. To view Print & Fax preferences, choose Apple > System Preferences and click Print & Fax.

Adding and deleting printers

To use a printer, it must be in the list at the left. When you connect a printer to your computer’s USB port, it’s added automatically. If a printer is connected to your computer in another way, you can add it by clicking Add (+). To delete a printer, select it and click Delete (-).

Setting up a printer▸
Deleting a printer▸

Managing print jobs

Manage your print jobs by selecting a printer and clicking Open Print Queue. You can pause a printer, delete a print job, move a job to another printer, and review the printer’s past jobs.

Managing fax machines

You can send a fax as easily as you can print a document if your computer has a fax modem or is connected to a fax machine. Click Add (+) to add a fax machine. Select the fax machine to set it up to receive faxes or to share it with others.

Managing scanners

You can scan an image with any scanner in the list at the left. If you added a printer that includes a scanner, you can use its scanner now. Otherwise, click Add (+) to add the scanner. To scan an image, select the scanner, click the Scan button (if you see it), and then click Open Scanner.

Sharing a printer

To share a printer with other Mac OS X users, select the printer and select “Share this printer on the network.” To share it with Windows, UNIX, and Mac OS 9 users, see the following:

Setting printer options

If you add options to your printer, such as a duplex unit or extra paper trays, you can make sure they’re reflected in the Print dialog. Just select the printer, click “Options & Supplies,” and then click Driver.

Specifying your printer’s features▸
Choosing a printer’s PPD file▸

Checking supply levels

You can check how much ink or toner is in a printer by selecting the printer, clicking “Options & Supplies,” and then clicking Supply Levels. Then click Supplies to visit a webpage that lets you order more supplies.


If you can’t print to a printer or add a printer to your list of printers, try the following:

If you can’t print▸
If you can’t add a printer to your list of printers▸
Published Date: Aug 6, 2013