Mac OS X 10.6: Burning a CD or DVD

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Burning a CD or DVD

You can burn files to a CD or DVD, and then use that disc as a backup, send it to friends, or copy the files on it to another machine. Discs you burn on your Mac computer can also be used on Windows computers and other types of computers. To burn a disc, you need an optical drive in your computer or connected directly to your computer. You cannot burn a disc using a remote optical drive.

Burning a disc quickly

You can burn a disc by dragging files to it and then clicking the Burn button.

Burning a CD or DVD in the Finder▸

Burning the same files to discs multiple times

You can create multiple discs with the same collection of files by creating a burn folder and then burning that folder to a disc as many times as you want. For example, you can create a burn folder with data files that you frequently back up or with video files that you want to share with several different people.

Creating a burn folder▸

Burning music, photos, and videos to a disc

You can enjoy your music, photos, and videos away from your computer, or share them with others, by burning them to a disc with iTunes, iPhoto, and iMovie.

Duplicating a disc

You can duplicate a CD or DVD to back it up or share it with others.

Duplicating a CD or DVD▸

Burning a disk image to a disc

If you downloaded a disk image that you want to save, you can burn it to a CD or DVD.

Burning a disk image on a CD or DVD with Disk Utility▸

Burning to a disc multiple times

Normally, you can burn items to a recordable CD only one time. However, with Disk Utility, you can burn items to a disc in more than one session as long as space is available.

Burning to a recordable CD more than once▸

Solving problems

If you’re having problems while burning a CD or DVD, try these solutions:

Finding what CDs and DVDs you can burn▸
If an error message appears while you burn a CD or DVD▸
If the disc burning options are dimmed or unavailable▸
If you can’t burn a CD or DVD▸
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