Mac OS X 10.6: About ColorSync

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About ColorSync

ColorSync provides an easy way to ensure accurate color in your images from the time you capture them until you print or display them. Devices such as scanners, displays, digital cameras, and printers each handle color differently. Matching color from one device to another can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. ColorSync takes care of color matching automatically.

You can also use Quartz filters to modify your colors or add effects to your PDF files and other documents.

Each device you use with your computer is capable of a different range of color, called a “gamut.” The differences in these colors can be graphically represented by a model called a “color space.”

ColorSync translates an image’s data between the color spaces of your devices so that each device reproduces the image as accurately as possible. The color information for each device is saved as a “ColorSync profile,” or “ICC profile.”

Most Mac OS X graphics applications save ColorSync profiles directly in your document. ColorSync compares these profiles with the profile for your display when you view the document, and with your printer profile when you print it. The easiest way to ensure that your colors match is to make sure each graphics device and application you use is set up to use ColorSync.

To learn more about ColorSync and color management, see the Apple ColorSync website.

Published Date: Aug 6, 2013

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