Mac OS X 10.6: Managing a user account with parental controls

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Managing a user account with parental controls

You may not want all users to have unrestricted access to the computer, the applications on it, or content from the Internet. For example, you may want to prevent some users from changing the settings for their accounts or limit the applications they can use. To do this, you turn on parental controls to the user account.

To turn on parental controls for an existing account:

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences and click Parental Controls.

  2. Click the lock icon to unlock it, and then type an administrator name and password.

  3. Select the user account and click Enable Parental Controls.

You can also set a user account to be managed by parental controls when you create it. For more information see:

Creating a new user account

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Published Date: Aug 6, 2013
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