Mac OS X 10.6: Setting up a user account

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Setting up a user account

To set up a user account:

  1. Choose the type of account from the New Account pop-up menu:

    Administrator: An administrator can create, delete, and modify accounts, install software, change system settings, and change the settings of other users.

    Standard: Standard users can install software and change settings for their own accounts, but can’t create accounts or make changes to locked system preferences.

    Managed with Parental Controls: These accounts have limited privileges that are managed using Parental Controls preferences.

    Sharing Only: Sharing only users can access shared files in a specified location, but can’t change files on the computer or log in using the login window.

    Group: An account that contains other users or group accounts.

  2. Enter the user’s name.

    A short name is generated automatically. If you want to use a different short name, enter it now. (After the account is created, you can’t change the short name.)

  3. Enter a password for the user in the Password field, and then enter it again in the Verify field.

  4. Enter a hint for the password in the Password Hint field.

  5. If you want the user’s home folder encrypted for security, select the “Turn on FileVault protection” checkbox.

  6. Click Create Account.

Published Date: Aug 6, 2013