Mac OS X 10.6: Protecting your computer

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Protecting your computer

The items you keep on your computer are important. The information here will help you learn how to keep them safe.

Perform regular backups

You should always back up. That way, if something happens to your computer or you accidentally delete something, you can easily recover your files.

The easiest way to back up is to set up Time Machine, which backs up your entire computer automatically every day.

About Time Machine

Besides Time Machine, you have several other choices for backing up your important files, including burning CDs and DVDs, copying files onto an external drive, or using an iDisk.

Alternatives for backing up your computer

Keep your information safe

Protect your computer and your files by requiring users to log in, using secure passwords, locking the screen when you’re away, and safeguarding accounts.

Keeping your computer information safe

Install software updates promptly

Your computer is already set up to automatically check for software updates and to alert you when updates are available for you to download. The best way to keep viruses and other problems out of your computer is to promptly download and install these updates, which contain the latest security software.

If you want to check for software updates immediately, choose Apple menu > Software Update.

For more information about updating your software, see:

Updating your software

If nothing happens when you check for updates, you may not be connected to the Internet. For help, see:

Solving problems with connecting to the Internet
Last Modified: Aug 6, 2013

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