FaceTime for Mac 1.x: Make video calls

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Make video calls

Use FaceTime on your Mac to see and hear friends and family using FaceTime on their Mac, iPhone 4, iPod touch, or iPad. FaceTime lets you catch up, hang out, joke around, and stay in touch. All you need is an Apple ID and an email address or phone number, and you’re ready to call.

FaceTime on several Apple devices

Start a video call

  1. Sign in to FaceTime by entering your Apple ID.

    Sign in to FaceTime

  2. Select the friend you want to call. You can call any contact in your Address Book.

    FaceTime contacts list showing members of an Address Book group

    Note: If your friend’s not in Address Book, you can quickly add your friend right from FaceTime.
  3. Click your friend’s phone number to call her iPhone, or click an email address to call her iPod touch, her Mac, or her iPad.

An invitation appears on your friend’s screen. When she accepts, the video call begins. And there you are, face to face. Mac to iPhone, Mac to iPod touch, Mac to Mac, or Mac to iPad.

To learn more about starting video calls and finding contacts, see these help topics:

Initiate a video call

Manage contacts and favorites in FaceTime

While you’re calling

As you’re talking, you can view your friend full-screen, so others can gather around your Mac and join the fun.

You can also pause a call, and resume it later.

Mute and pause a video call

Control the video call window

Last Modified: Nov 6, 2013

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