iChat 6.x: About Jabber

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
About Jabber

Jabber is a cross-platform open-source instant messaging system. Jabber is sometimes called XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol).

To chat with people who use Jabber accounts for instant messaging, you must use a Jabber account.

Obtain a Jabber account from a Jabber service provider. Your workplace or organization may have a Jabber server for you to use. For example, Lion Server comes with iChat Server, which is based on Jabber technology.

Open the iChat Server website

After you set up a Jabber account, you can set up iChat to use it for one-to-one and multiperson text chats with other Jabber users. You can also conduct audio and video chats and use screen sharing with Jabber users who have the hardware and software that support those capabilities.

If the service provider of your Jabber account uses a “federated” instant messaging network, you can chat with other Jabber users whose service providers also use federated networks. You can also add those Jabber users to the buddy list for your Jabber account.

For example, because Google Talk is a Jabber-based service that uses federation, if your Jabber service uses federation, you can chat with Google Talk subscribers and you can add them to your Jabber account’s buddy list.

Published Date: Sep 3, 2015