iChat 6.x: Messages preferences

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Messages preferences

Use the Messages pane of iChat preferences to set options affecting your messages.

Option Description

My background color, My font color, Set Font

Choose a background color, a font color, and a font for your messages.

Messages you send will appear in these colors and this font on your own screen and on buddies’ screens, unless the buddies override your choices.

Reformat incoming messages

If you want to control the background color, font color, and font for incoming messages, select this checkbox.

Sender’s background color, Sender’s font color, Set Font

Choose a background color, a font color, and a font for incoming messages. Your choices override senders’ settings.

Use a keyboard shortcut to bring iChat to the front

To create a keyboard shortcut, select this checkbox, and then choose a shortcut from the menu.

Save chat transcripts to

By default, saved text, audio, and video chats are stored in the iChats folder, which is in the Documents folder. To store them somewhere else, select this checkbox and choose a folder.

In new chat windows, show

To set the number of saved messages to display in a new chat window, select this option, and then use the pop-up menu.

Collect chats in a single window

To gather multiple chats into a single, tabbed window, select this checkbox.

Watch for my name in incoming messages

To have iChat highlight your name when it is mentioned in a chat, select this checkbox.

Auto-reply with my Away message

To have iChat reply to messages for you when you’re away from your computer, select this option. The reply includes your status, for example, “Auto-reply: Out to Lunch.”

Published Date: Sep 3, 2015