iDVD ‘09 (7.x): Using iPhoto slideshows in iDVD

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Using iPhoto slideshows in iDVD

You can easily create slideshows in iDVD using images or albums from your iPhoto library.

You can also add slideshows created in iPhoto to your iDVD project. These slideshows are imported into iDVD as movies, which retain the effects and sounds you created in iPhoto. As a result, you can’t edit or change these slideshows, and viewers can’t control the slideshow using the remote control.

To import an iPhoto slideshow:

Step 1

Make sure the DVD menu from which you want to access the slideshow is open in the iDVD window.

For example, if you want the slideshow to be accessible from the main menu of the DVD, the main menu should be showing in the iDVD window.

Step 2

Open iPhoto and select a slideshow.

Step 3

Choose Share > “Send to iDVD.”

After several minutes, a button for the slideshow appears on the menu. The button has the same name as the slideshow.

The slideshow also appears in the Movies section of the Media pane, so you can use it in other iDVD projects as well.

Step 4

You can change the name of the button by clicking the button twice to highlight the text and typing a new name.

If iDVD is not open when you send your iPhoto slideshow to iDVD, iDVD opens to a new project automatically when iPhoto finishes processing the slideshow. A DVD menu, with a default theme, is displayed in the iDVD window, and it has a button for the iPhoto slideshow. In this case, if you want to add the sideshow to an existing iDVD project instead, choose File > Open, click Don’t Save, and then choose an existing project. When the project is open, you can click the Media button, then Movies, and drag the slideshow to any menu.

If your version of iPhoto does not support exporting directly to iDVD, you must export the slideshow from iPhoto as a QuickTime movie, and then import the QuickTime movie into your iDVD project.

Published Date: Sep 3, 2015

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