iDVD ‘09 (7.x): Burning an iDVD project to a DVD

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Burning an iDVD project to a DVD

When you are finished with your iDVD project, you can burn it to a recordable DVD disc using your computer’s SuperDrive or an external DVD burner.

Burn a disc only when you are sure you are finished with your project and that it is free of errors. It can take some time to encode and burn a project.

iDVD can write to DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD+R DL (Double Layer) discs. If you are using the SuperDrive in your computer, make sure it can burn discs in the disc format you choose. (See Mac Help for information on how to check your SuperDrive.) For projects that can fit on a single-layer disc, DVD-R is the recommended disc format.

Before burning your DVD, be sure you have at least twice as much free space as your project uses available on your hard disk, to allow for encoding and burning. For example, if your project uses 4.0 gigabytes, you need at least 8.0 gigabytes of free space on your hard disk. Check the Capacity meter in the Project Info window to determine the size of your project. To check how much disk space you have, Control-click the hard disk icon on your desktop and choose Get Info. Look next to Available to see how much space you have.

To burn your DVD:

Step 1

With the finished project open in iDVD, click the Burn button (shown below) to indicate you are ready to burn.

Image of the Burn button
Step 2

When prompted, insert a recordable DVD disc into the drive.

If you insert a rewritable disc (DVD-RW or DVD+RW) that isn’t blank, iDVD asks whether you want to erase the disc.

It can take many hours to burn a project, depending on its size and complexity, so plan accordingly. You cannot pause and then restart the burning process. The time it takes to burn also depends on the speed of your computer and the burner you are using.

iDVD shows the progress of the encoding and burning as it happens.

Published Date: Sep 3, 2015

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