iDVD ‘09 (7.x): General specifications and requirements for iDVD

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General specifications and requirements for iDVD

The following specifications apply to iDVD projects:

Fitting it all in: How much data goes on a disc
It’s best to think of your project’s size in terms of gigabytes rather than minutes or hours. How much you can fit on a DVD depends on many factors, including how complex your project is (for example, complicated projects with many menus and fancy transitions leave less room for actual movies and slideshows), how you choose to encode your project, and what type of DVD you burn it to.

You can fit about 4.2 gigabytes of content on a single-layer disc, which translates to about 60 minutes of video.

You can fit about 7.7 gigabytes on a double-layer disc, which translates to about 120 minutes of video.

Building a project
Here are some guidelines for building projects in iDVD:

iDVD builds projects using 99 tracks. An iDVD project can therefore contain a maximum of 99 slideshows and movies, in any combination. You can see how many tracks you are using in the Tracks meter in the Project Info window (choose Project > Project Info).

A project can have a maximum of 99 menus, and each menu can have up to 12 buttons (linking to submenus, slideshows, or movies). The number of buttons allowed on a menu depends on the theme you are using.

The menus in a DVD can include background movies that play while the menu is showing as well as buttons that play video (called “motion buttons”). The total allowable playing time for video in all such “motion menus” in a DVD is 15 minutes. If total playing time is longer than 15 minutes, you will not be able to burn the DVD. You can keep track of the playing time for all menus in a project in the Project Info window.

An iDVD project can include a maximum of 30 motion menus.

You can include up to 99 chapter markers in a movie. iDVD doesn’t recognize chapter markers within the last second of a movie.

Creating slideshows
Here are guidelines for creating slideshows in iDVD:

An iDVD project can hold up to 9801 images (depending on their size); this applies whether you are burning to a single-layer or double-layer disc. Every 99 images you use in a slideshow take up one of the 99 tracks available for your project. So, if your slideshow has 300 images, it takes up 4 tracks (99 images in each of the first three tracks, and the remaining 3 images in the fourth track). The Project Info window in iDVD shows how many tracks your project is using.

You can create slideshows in drop zones. Each slideshow in a drop zone can contain a maximum of 99 images.

Burning a DVD
iDVD makes it easy to burn your project to disc.

You can burn a DVD using your computer’s internal SuperDrive or an external burner.

iDVD can burn to DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, and DVD+R DL (Double Layer) discs. DVD-R is the recommended disc format to use for projects that can fit on a single-layer disc.

iDVD encodes your video before burning a DVD. There are three encoding settings, and which you choose depends on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of your project. For best results, you should chose your encoding setting (choose Project > Project Info) before you begin building your project.

Published Date: Sep 3, 2015