iDVD ‘09 (7.x): Previewing an iDVD project before burning a DVD disc

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Previewing an iDVD project before burning a DVD disc

It’s a good idea to preview your project before you burn it to disc, ensuring that it is error-free and works as you intended. It can be time-consuming to preview your project thoroughly. You need to ensure that every button on every menu works properly and that all media, including movies, slideshows, and sound, play completely without error.

To preview a project for burning to a disc:

Step 1

Click the Map button (shown below), and check to see whether any screen icons have warning symbols (either a yellow yield symbol or a red stop sign symbol). Move the pointer over each symbol to read the error messages that appear.

There might be, for example, a slideshow that contains no images or some empty drop zones on a menu. For more information on warnings and how to resolve them, see Related Topics below.

Image of the Map button
Step 2

Make any necessary adjustments to project menus and media that have warnings.

You can double-click any screen icon with a warning symbol to go directly to that part of your project.

Step 3

Click the Preview button (shown below) after you have fixed the warnings, and use the iDVD remote control to check each menu. Ensure that all buttons work properly and link to the correct media asset, such as a slideshow, a movie, or a movie chapter.

Image of the Preview button
Step 4

Check that all media play correctly, as follows:

Movies should play entirely.

All the chapters in a movie, if they exist, should be accessible using the left and right arrows on the iDVD remote control.

Slideshows should play entirely on their own. For viewer-controlled slideshows, make sure you can access each slide using the arrows on the remote control.

All soundtracks you have added should play properly.

Step 5

Click the Exit button on the remote control when you are done.

Published Date: Sep 3, 2015