iDVD ‘09 (7.x): If your disc doesn’t work in your DVD player

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If your disc doesn’t work in your DVD player

DVDs you create with iDVD can be played in most consumer DVD players and computers with DVD drives.

If you have problems using a DVD player to play a DVD you created, try playing the disc in your computer to help determine the problem.

To play a disc in your computer:

Step 1

Insert the disc in the computer’s DVD drive.

Step 2

Open DVD Player (in the Applications folder).

Step 3

When the controller is visible, click the Play button.

If the DVD plays on your computer, the problem may be that your DVD player doesn’t support the format of the DVD disc. Most newer players support DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW formats, but older players may not. There are more compatibility issues for rewritable media (DVD-RW and DVD+RW) than for single-use media (DVD-R and DVD+R), even in newer players.

Check which media formats your player supports and use the appropriate media when burning your projects. With some inexpensive DVD players that don’t provide adequate buffering, slideshows played with accompanying music may not display correctly.

Double-layer discs burned from a disc image may cause playback issues, such as freezing during playback, in some set-top DVD players. Burn double-layer projects directly from iDVD instead.

Last Modified: Sep 3, 2015

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