DVD Player 5.x: Keyboard shortcuts for DVD Player

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Keyboard shortcuts for DVD Player

You can use these shortcuts to control playback or to access features and menus. If a shortcut doesn’t work for you, the DVD may not support that feature.

Action Shortcut

Play or pause

Space bar


Command-Period (.)

Skip to next chapter

Right Arrow

Skip to previous chapter

Left Arrow

Skip to next or previous chapter using a trackpad

Three-finger swipe

Scan forward (repeat to cycle through speeds)

Command-Right Arrow

Scan backward (repeat to cycle through speeds)

Command-Left Arrow

Scan forward or backward when playback is paused, using a trackpad

Two-finger swipe

Scan forward or backward during playback using increasing speeds, using a trackpad

Two-finger swipe

Step forward one frame (pause movie first)

Right Arrow

Skip backward 5 seconds

Option-Command-Left Arrow

Skip ahead 5 seconds

Option-Command-Right Arrow

Volume up

Command-Up Arrow

Volume down

Command-Down Arrow

Mute on or off

Option-Command-Down Arrow

Turn closed captioning on or off


Set the Viewer window size

Command-0 (half normal size)

Command-1 (actual size)

Command-2 (double size)

Command-3 (fit to screen)

Enter or exit full screen mode



Show or hide the Bookmarks/Chapters window


Show or hide the Video Zoom, Video Color, or Audio Equalizer window


Add bookmark

Command-Equal Sign (=)

Show or hide the Controller


Open or close the Control Drawer

Command-Right Bracket (])

Eject DVD


Go to beginning of disc


Go to DVD menu


DVD menu shortcuts

Use arrow keys to highlight menu items.

Press Return to select menu item.

Last Modified: Sep 3, 2015

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