Audio Midi Setup: Set up external speakers for stereo or surround sound

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Set up external speakers for stereo or surround sound

In Audio MIDI Setup, you can set up external speakers connected to your audio device for stereo or multichannel output, such as 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 surround sound. For audio devices with multichannel setups, you can select the speaker used to play each channel.

Before you start, make sure the speakers are connected to your audio devices. Also make sure your audio devices have any required software installed, and are connected to your computer and turned on.

  1. In Audio MIDI Setup, choose the audio output device from the list on the left side of the Audio Devices window, and then click Configure Speakers.
    Note: If you’re using an interleaved device with more than one audio stream, you can choose the audio streams you want to use with your speaker configuration. If the stream you select provides enough channels for the speakers you’re configuring, you can’t select additional streams.
  2. Choose the type of output you want to set up from the pop-up menu.
    Note: If your setup has five front speakers and two rear speakers, choose 7.1 Surround. If your setup has three front speakers and four rear speakers, choose 7.1 Rear Surround.
  3. The window shows a visual representation of your output speakers. For each speaker in the configuration, choose a channel from the pop-up menu below the speaker.
  4. To test the configuration and speaker, click the speaker to hear a test tone.
  5. Click Apply.

For surround-sound setups, the test tone for each speaker should be the same volume when heard from the listener’s vantage point. You can adjust the volume for each speaker channel in the Audio Devices window.

Published Date: Sep 3, 2015
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