AirPort Utility 6.x: Set up a base station or AirPort Time Capsule as a bridge

Set up a base station or AirPort Time Capsule as a bridge

Turn off Internet sharing to allow bridging between the network’s wireless and wired computers. With bridging turned on, Wi-Fi-enabled computers have access to all services on the Ethernet network. The wireless device doesn’t provide Internet sharing services.

Using the base station or an AirPort Time Capsule as a bridge can address incompatibilities between the wireless device’s Internet sharing features and your ISP’s connection method.

If you connect to the Internet using PPPoE, you can’t set up the base station or Time Capsule as a bridge. When your device is using PPPoE, it’s acting as a router and distributes IP addresses to clients on the network using DHCP and NAT.

  1. Open AirPort Utility, located in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder. Select the device you want to set up as a bridge, then click Edit. Enter the password if necessary.
  2. Click Network, and then choose Off (Bridge Mode) from the Router Mode pop-up menu.
Published Date: Nov 6, 2013
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