Safari 5.1 (OS X Lion): Save articles to read later with Reading List

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Save webpage articles to read later with the Safari Reading List feature

If you come across a webpage or link that you want to read later, Reading List gives you an easy way to save the link.

Add a page to your Reading List

  1. In Safari, open the webpage you want to add to your Reading List.
  2. Choose Bookmarks > ”Add to Reading List.”

To quickly add a link to your Reading List, Shift-click a link on a webpage. You can use this shortcut with the Reading List sidebar open or closed.

View your Reading List

  • To open and close your Reading List, click the eyeglasses button.

    Reading List icon

  • To switch between viewing all articles, and viewing only the articles you haven’t yet read, click the All and Unread buttons.

If you’d like to read free of distractions, display your articles using Safari’s Reader feature. Click the Reader button at the right end of the Safari address field. The Reader button appears only when a webpage contains text-based articles.

Remove a page from your Reading List

  • To remove an article from your Reading List, put the pointer over the article. When you see a Remove button (x), click it.
  • To remove all articles from your Reading List, Control-click or Right-click inside the Reading List sidebar, and then choose Clear All Items from the shortcut menu.
Published Date: May 29, 2014