Lion Mail: Customize Mail toolbars

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Customize Mail toolbars

The toolbar at the top of Mail windows provides quick access to frequently used commands. You can choose which items appear in the toolbars, how the items are arranged, and whether to display the icons only or the icons and icon names.

  1. Open the Mail window (Message Viewer, New Message, or note) whose toolbar you want to change.

    Make sure it’s the current window.

  2. Choose View > Customize Toolbar, or Control-click the toolbar and then choose Customize Toolbar from the shortcut menu.
  3. Drag items from the toolbar palette into the toolbar, drag items out of the toolbar, or move items around in the toolbar.
    • When you drag an item to the toolbar, a green icon indicates you’re adding it.

    • When you drag an item from the toolbar, visual and sound effects indicate it has been removed. You can add the item again if you want.

  4. To change how the icons are displayed in the toolbar, choose an option from the Show pop-up menu.

Rearrange the items in a toolbar by holding down the Command key and dragging an item to a new location, or dragging it out of the toolbar to remove it.

To display a shortcut menu of commands for viewing a toolbar, Control-click anywhere in the toolbar.

When you resize a window, toolbar icons can become hidden as the window narrows. When this happens, click the double right arrows to display a pop-up list of the hidden icons.

Published Date: Oct 30, 2013
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