Lion Mail: View RSS articles

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
View RSS articles in Mail

Really Simple Syndication, or “RSS,” refers to an alternative way of viewing a webpage. The term RSS is used interchangeably with feed, news feed, and RSS feed.

Websites that change frequently, such as news sites, often have RSS pages. An RSS page presents the titles of new and recent articles in a list, showing a line or two of each article’s content and a link to the full article. You can subscribe to RSS pages and have them appear in an inbox in the Mail sidebar for easy scanning.

If you subscribe to a feed that is bookmarked in Safari, both Mail and Safari indicate the number of unread articles in the feed.

You can control when to check for updates and remove pages, and which application to use by default to read RSS pages, using Mail preferences.

RSS feeds that you receive in an inbox don’t take up space in your account, on a mail server, or on your computer.

Subscribe to RSS feeds

  1. Choose File > Add RSS Feeds, or click Add (+) at the bottom of the sidebar, and then choose Add RSS Feeds.
  2. Specify the RSS feeds you want to subscribe to.
    • Browse feeds you’ve bookmarked in Safari or, to search those feeds, start typing in the search field. Then click the checkbox of each feed you want to subscribe to.

    • Select “Specify the URL for a feed” and then type or paste the URL of a new feed.

  3. To include RSS feeds in your Inbox, click “Show in Inbox.”

    If you don’t include them in your Inbox at this point, you can include specific feeds in your Inbox at any time by either selecting the feed in the Mail sidebar and then clicking the up arrow that appears to the right of the feed name, or choosing “Show in Inbox” from the Action pop-up menu (looks like a gear) at the bottom of the sidebar.

  4. Click Add.

Rename an RSS feed

Double-click the feed’s name in the sidebar, and then type a new name.

Delete or export an RSS feed

Select the feed in the sidebar, and either Control-click the feed or click the Action pop-up menu (looks like a gear) at the bottom of the sidebar. Then choose Delete Feed or Export Feed from the pop-up menu.

Published Date: Oct 30, 2013