iChat 6.x: Set up iChat with your account information

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Set up iChat with your account information

Before you use iChat, you need to enter information for your service provider accounts.

To chat with people who use AIM, me.com, or Mac.com: You need an AIM account or an iCloud or MobileMe (me.com or Mac.com) account.

To chat with people who use Jabber: You need a Jabber account. Set up a Jabber account with a Jabber service provider.

To chat with people who use Google Talk: You need a Google Talk account. You can set up a Google Talk account using the Google website.

To chat with people who use Yahoo!: You need a Yahoo! account. You can set up a Yahoo! account using the Yahoo! website.

For additional information about chatting with Jabber and Google Talk subscribers, see:

About Jabber

You can enter your instant message account information in iChat; in the Mail, Contacts & Calendars pane of System Preferences; or using configuration profiles.

Enter your account information in iChat

  1. Choose iChat > Preferences, and then click Accounts.
  2. Click the Add (+) button, and then choose the type of account you want to use from the Account Type pop-up menu.
  3. Enter your account information.
    Option Description
    me.com or Mac.com: Enter your full email address (for example, eharrold3@me.com or eharrold3@mac.com) and password.
    AIM (AOL Instant Messenger): Enter your AIM username (for example, eharrold3001) and password.
    Yahoo!: Enter your Yahoo! user name (for example, eharrold) and password.
    Jabber: Enter your Jabber account name (for example, eharrold@jabber.org) and password. If your Jabber service provider gave you specific server information, click the arrow next to Server Options, and then enter the information.
    Google Talk: Enter your Google Talk account name (for example, eharrold3@gmail.com) and password.
  4. Click Done.

Enter your account information using Mail, Contacts & Calendars preferences

Follow the instructions in:

Enter your account information using configuration profiles

Follow the instructions in:

Chat without using an iChat account

You may be able to use Bonjour to chat with iChat users on your local network without setting up an account with a service provider.

Choose iChat > Preferences, click Accounts, select Bonjour in the list, and then select “Enable Bonjour instant messaging.”

Chat on your local network

Let multiple users chat on your computer

Create a separate user account for each person who uses your computer. When a user logs in, the user automatically has access to his or her own iChat accounts.

Last Modified: Sep 3, 2015

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