iCal 5.x: iCal Accounts preferences

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iCal Accounts preferences

Use the Accounts pane of iCal preferences to add or remove calendar accounts. For each calendar account, you can manage account information, server settings, and delegate access.

Option Description

Accounts list

The Accounts list shows all your calendar accounts. To see the options for a specific account, select it from the list.

Account Information

The Account Information pane contains a description of your account, which is used as the account’s name in iCal. It may also contain your account’s user name and password, and your name. If your account name and password aren’t available, click Edit Account.

In the pane, you can set how often your calendar is refreshed. You may also be able to set the days and times when you’re available.

Server Settings

The Server Settings pane contains the account’s server address and any other server options that may be available, such as the option to use Kerberos v5. The Server Settings pane isn’t available for all accounts.


The Delegation pane allows you to see whose calendars are shared with you, or to share calendars with others, over the same server. To give another person access to a calendar, click Edit, and then click Add (+). Type the person’s name, and then choose the level of access you want to allow.

Last Modified: Nov 6, 2013

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