iCal 5.x: iCal General preferences

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iCal General preferences

Use the General pane of iCal preferences to set basic day, week, default calendar, event, and alarm preferences.

Option Description

Days per week

Choose to show 5 (Monday through Friday) or 7 (Sunday through Saturday) days per week in Week view.

Start week on

Choose the day you want the week to start on in Week and Month view. You can choose any day of the week.

Scroll in week view by

Choose whether you want to scroll by days or weeks in Week view.

Day starts at

Choose the hour when you want days to start. You can choose an hour between midnight and noon.

Day ends at

Choose the hour when you want days to end. You can choose an hour between noon and midnight.


Choose how many hours you want to show in Day and Week view. You can choose to show between 6 and 24 hours at a time.

Default Calendar

Choose the calendar where new events are added by default.

Default Reminder List

Choose the reminder list where new reminders are added by default.

Show event times

Select the checkbox to show the time of the day when events start in Week and Month view.

Show Birthdays calendar

Select the checkbox to show the Birthdays calendar in iCal. The Birthdays calendar displays birthdays that are entered in Address Book.

Add a default alert to all new timed events and invitations

Select the checkbox to have an alert added automatically to events you create and events you’re invited to. You can set when the alert goes off by entering a number in the “minutes before the start time” field.

Last Modified: Nov 6, 2013

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