Address Book 6.x: Export and import vCards

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Export and import vCards using Address Book

You can export and import contact information in electronic business cards, called “vCards.” When you export contacts from Address Book, it creates a vCard file (.vcf).

Export vCards

Do one of the following:

  • Drag a contact out of the Address Book window to the desktop to create a vCard file.
  • Drag multiple contacts or a group out of the Address Book window to the desktop to create one vCard file for all of the contacts.

    Some applications might not be able to read vCard files that contain multiple entries; to create a vCard file for each contact, hold down the Option key while dragging the contacts or the group.

  • In the Address Book window, select one or more contacts or a group, and then choose File > Export > Export vCard.

Notes and photos are exported by default. To exclude these fields when you export cards, select the appropriate options in Address Book vCard preferences.

When you export your card, only the fields you’ve chosen to share are exported.

Share your card

Import vCards

Do one of the following:

  • Drag a vCard onto a group in the Address Book window, or onto Address Book in the Dock.
  • Choose File > Import, and then select a vCard.
  • Double-click a vCard file in the Finder.

If a card contains custom fields, the information in those fields is not imported.

If you’re importing a duplicate card, Address Book asks if you want to review the cards.

Resolve duplicate cards when importing cards

Published Date: Nov 6, 2013