OS X Lion: Input Sources pane of Language & Text preferences

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Input Sources pane of Language & Text preferences

Use the Input Sources pane of Language & Text preferences to turn on input sources so you can type in other languages. If you use more than one input source to type on your computer, you can use the Input menu in the menu bar (looks like a flag or character) or keyboard shortcuts to switch between them.

Option Description

Input source list

Select the checkbox next to any input source you want to use. You can also turn on the Keyboard Viewer and the Character Viewer by selecting the Keyboard & Character Viewer checkbox. The Keyboard Viewer displays the keyboard layouts for input sources. The Character Viewer helps you add special characters and symbols to your documents.

Input source shortcuts

Use the shortcuts to switch between your selected input sources. If your portable computer supports Trackpad Handwriting, the Trackpad Handwriting shortcut is also available. You can turn Trackpad Handwriting on and off using the shortcut.

If you want to change the keyboard shortcuts, click Keyboard Shortcuts.

Input source options

Select whether you want to use the same input source in all documents, or if you want to use different input sources in different documents.

Bidirectional Text

If your computer is set up to use a right-to-left language, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Yiddish, Persian, Pashto, and Urdu, bidirectional text options are available.

Select the “Use split cursor” checkbox to show a split cursor when you move the cursor to a boundary between left-to-right and right-to-left text. The split cursor is often more precise than the single insertion point when working with bidirectional text.

Select the “Enable keyboard shortcuts” checkbox to use keyboard shortcuts to change the direction of text and to type the Arabic date in the order it’s displayed, using slashes. To enter each slash in the Arabic date, press Control-Slash.

Show Input menu in menu bar

Select the checkbox to show the Input menu at the right side of the menu bar. The Input menu contains all the input sources you selected so you can easily switch between them.

Last Modified: Oct 31, 2013

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