OS X Lion: Turning modem sounds on or off

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Turning modem sounds on or off

If your computer makes peculiar sounds as it connects to the Internet, modem sounds are probably turned on.

  1. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, and then click Network.
  2. Choose your modem from the network connection services list.

    If your modem is not in the list, click Add (+) at the bottom of the list, choose Modem from the Interface pop-up menu, and give the modem service a name.

  3. Click Advanced, click Modem, and turn Sound on or off.

Modem sounds can help you pinpoint problems with a dial-up connection by letting you hear whether your modem is detecting a dial tone, whether it is dialing a number, and whether the remote server is answering the call.

Published Date: Oct 31, 2013