Pages for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch): Add text

Add text

If you’re using a blank template, just start typing to add text to the body of your document. If you’re using a template with placeholder text, select the placeholder text, then type your own text.

To include text that’s not part of the main body, such as text in a sidebar, add a text box to the document, then enter text in it. You can also add text inside a shape.

Add a new text box

  1. Tap Text box button, tap Shape button, then tap Text.

    A text box appears on the page.

  2. Double-tap the placeholder text, then enter your own.

  3. Drag the text box to where you want it on the page.

    If you can’t move the box, tap outside the box to deselect the text, then tap the text once to select its text box.

  4. If you want to resize the text box, do one of the following:

    • If the text overfills the box: Select the text box, then drag the clipping indicator (+) until all text is showing.

    • If the text box is too large or too small for its text: Select the text box, then drag any selection handle (the squares around the border).

    Text box showing selection rectangles and clipping indicator.

To delete a text box, select it, then tap Delete.

Published Date: Feb 17, 2016