Keynote for iOS (iPad): Add presenter notes to your slides

Add and edit notes for a slide

  1. Tap Tools button, then tap Presenter Notes.

  2. Type your notes in the presenter notes area.

    In the slide navigator, the thumbnail images for slides with presenter notes have a gray square in the corner. This square is visible only while you’re editing presenter notes.

  3. Tap another slide in the slide navigator to type presenter notes for that slide.

  4. To preview the slide as you’re composing your notes, tap Play button at the top of the screen; pinch the screen to return to your presenter notes.

  5. Tap Done.


View presenter notes while playing your presentation

To view your presenter notes during a presentation, you must be showing your presentation on a connected display. The notes appear only on your device, so only the presenter can see them.

  1. To enter presenter display mode, tap Play button to play your presentation.

  2. Tap Layout, then tap either Current and Notes or Next and Notes.

  3. Tap the slide to advance to the next build or slide.

Published Date: Feb 2, 2015
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