iMovie for iOS (iPad): Import from iTunes

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Import from iTunes

If you created a project or trailer on an iOS device (such as iPad or iPhone) and sent the project to iTunes, you can then import the project to another compatible device through iTunes.

Import a project or trailer from iTunes

  1. Connect your device to your computer, then open iTunes on your computer.

    After a moment, your device appears in iTunes, below Devices on the left.

  2. Select the device, then click Apps at the top of the iTunes window.

  3. Select iMovie in the Apps list below File Sharing (you may need to scroll to see it).

  4. Click Add below the iMovie Documents pane; in the window that appears, navigate to the file you want to add.

  5. Select the file, then click Open to copy the file to your device.

    The file appears in the iMovie Documents pane when copying is complete.

  6. Open iMovie on your device; if you’re not in projects view, tap the My Projects button in the upper-left corner above the viewer.

  7. Tap the Import button at the bottom of the screen, then tap the name of the project you want to import.

    When the import is complete, the project opens and can be edited like any other project.

Last Modified: Oct 19, 2015

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