iMovie for iOS (iPad): Split a video clip

Split a video clip

You might want to split a clip to make a number of creative edits in your project: for example, you can insert another clip between the two portions of the split clip, or add different titles to each of the two portions.

Split a clip

  1. With your project open, scroll the project timeline to position the playhead (the red vertical line) where you want to split a video clip.

  2. Tap the video clip (it becomes outlined in yellow), then swipe down over the playhead to split the clip, as if you were using your finger to slice through it.

    Image of splitting a clip in the project timeline

iMovie inserts a cut transition (called None in iMovie and represented by this icon ), between the two newly created clips. (Essentially, a cut transition isn’t a transition at all, and the two clips it connects play sequentially with no special visual effect between them.) You can change this transition to a cross-dissolve or themed transition. To learn how, go to Change the style and duration of a transition.

Last Modified: Oct 3, 2014
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