iPhoto for iOS (iPad): Create a web journal

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.
Create a web journal

With iPhoto web journals, you can present your photos in a beautiful layout, like a digital scrapbook. In addition to photos and captions, you can include custom items such as a map showing where your photos were taken, the weather report on the day the photos were taken, or a note with a personal memory.

If you have a free iCloud account, you can publish your web journal as a webpage and share a link to your journal with others. When you edit your web journal and publish the changes, your changes automatically appear on your journal webpage.

You can also view your web journal as a slideshow.

Journal in portrait orientation

Create a web journal

  1. Tap a photo, album, or event and tap Share button > Web Journal.

  2. Tap Selected, or change the photos you want to include:

    • Select different photos: Tap Choose Photos, tap up to 200 photos, and tap Next.

    • Select a range of photos: Tap Choose Photos, tap Range, tap the first and last photos in the range, and tap Next.

    • Select all the photos in an album or event: Tap All.

  3. Tap New Web Journal.

  4. Type a name for the web journal.

  5. Tap a theme to select it.

  6. Tap Create Web Journal.

  7. Tap Done to return to your photos or tap Show to view your journal.

Create a web journal from Projects view

  1. Tap Projects.

  2. Tap Share button

  3. Tap Web journal.

  4. To select the photos you want in the web journal, tap Share button > Photo.

  5. Tap Photos, Collections, or Projects.

    You can tap albums, libraries, events, and projects to open them.

  6. Tap a photo you want to add.

Your new web journal appears in Projects. To rename your web journal, touch and hold the journal and then tap Rename.

Change a web journal’s theme

You can change a web journal’s theme at any time.

  1. Tap a web journal to open it and tap Edit.

  2. Tap .

  3. Tap a new theme to select it. You can also change the journal’s grid size, sort order, and layout.

Set a web journal’s key photo

The key photo is the cover photo that represents the web journal in the Projects screen.

Journals displayed with key photo on shelf
  1. Tap a web journal to open it and tap Edit.

  2. Tap the photo you want to make the key photo, and tap Edit in the menu that appears.

    Journal photo with edit button
  3. Tap  > Set as Key Photo.

  4. To return to your journal, tap .

Tag a web journal as a favorite

Your web journals are organized by date. Web journals tagged as favorites appear in a separate row (below Favorites).

Tag a web journal as a favorite: Tap Projects to see all your web journals, touch and hold the journal you want to tag, then tap Favorite.

Remove a web journal from the Favorites row: Tap Projects to see all your web journals, touch and hold the journal you want to remove, then tap Unfavorite.

To delete a web journal, tap Projects to see all your journals, touch and hold the journal you want to delete, and tap .

Published Date: Sep 3, 2015