MainStage: Use Vector Envelope time scaling

Use Vector Envelope time scaling

You can stretch and compress the entire Vector Envelope, which is faster than modifying each point. To double the Vector Envelope speed, set Time Scaling to 50%. Set to 200% to halve the speed.

Figure. Vector Envelope Time Scale parameter.
  • The Time Scaling parameter ranges from 10% to 1000%. It is scaled logarithmically.

  • If the Loop Rate is “as set,” scaling also affects the loop.

  • If the Loop Rate is set to a free or synced value, the setting is not affected by the Time Scaling parameter.

Normalize time scaling and the loop rate with Fix Timing

  • Click Fix Timing to multiply the Time Scaling value by all time parameters. Time Scaling is reset to 100%.

    There is no audible difference. This is simply a normalizing procedure.

    In cases where Loop Rate is set to a synced value, clicking Fix Timing switches the Loop Rate to “as set,” thus preserving the absolute rate.

Published Date: Aug 8, 2019