GarageBand for Mac: Use automation in the Piano Roll Editor

Use automation in the Piano Roll Editor

You can view region automation data directly in the Piano Roll Editor. This is especially useful with region-based automation, because you can see the notes that will be affected. For information about using Automation, see Add and adjust automation points.

Note: Region automation is the same as MIDI Draw in previous versions ofGarageBand. If you had MIDI Draw data in a project created in a previous version ofGarageBand, it appears as region-based automation data.

Show automation in the Piano Roll Editor

  • Do one of the following:

    • Choose View > Show Automation from the Piano Roll Editor menu bar (or press A).

    • Click the Show/Hide Automation button in the Piano Roll Editor menu bar.

    An Automation button, an Automation Parameter pop-up menu, and an Automation Mode pop-up menu appear at the bottom of the Piano Roll Editor inspector. Existing automation is displayed in the Automation Lane under the main editor window. Click the Cycle Through button to cycle through multiple lanes of automation data.

Published Date: Aug 8, 2019