Keynote for Mac: Create a caption in a Keynote presentation

Create a caption in a Keynote presentation

You can use a text box to add a caption or label to an image, table, shape, or other object.

  1. Click near where you want the caption to appear, then click the Text button in the toolbar.

    A text box appears on the slide.

  2. Drag the text box to where you want it.

  3. Type your caption, then resize the text box by dragging any selection handle.

    If you don’t see selection handles, click outside the box, then click the text once.

  4. Select the text or text box, then, in the Format  sidebar, style the text, text box, or both:

    • Change the look of the text: Use the font controls to choose a different font, change the font size, and more.

    • Change the look of the text box: Click the Style tab, then click one of the text box styles at the top of the sidebar. You can use the other controls to change the color of the box, add a shadow to it, and make other adjustments.

  5. To group the caption with the object so they stay together, select the caption and the object, click the Arrange tab at the top of the sidebar, then click Group at the bottom of the sidebar.

If you want to use the same formatting for all captions in your presentation, you can create a paragraph style for captions so you can easily apply the style to all of the captions in your presentation.

Note: To learn how to add captions to an image gallery, see Add an image gallery.

Published Date: Apr 3, 2019