Final Cut Pro X: Create a tiny planet effect

Create a tiny planet effect

You can use the Tiny Planet mapping setting on 360° clips in a standard rectilinear project to create a “tiny planet” effect. The entire 360° sphere is converted to a stereographic projection (mapped onto a flat plane). As a result, your 360° footage is presented in wildly distorted and interesting ways.

The viewer showing an image with Tiny Planet mapping, creating the effect of a small planet in the center of the image

In contrast, the Normal mapping setting shows a standard image (a portion of the 360° image) in the viewer in a rectilinear project, and the full equirectangular image in the viewer in a 360° project.

A 360° image with normal mapping and the same image with Tiny Planet mapping, shown side by side

Note: You can apply 360° clip effects such as 360° Patch and 360° Noise Reduction to 360° clips in a rectilinear project. You can also add 360° titles and generators to rectilinear projects.

  1. Add 360° clips to a rectilinear project.

  2. In the Video inspector, scroll down to the Orientation section, then click the Mapping pop-up menu and choose Tiny Planet.

  3. To modify the tiny planet effect, do one of the following:

    • Adjust the parameter controls in the Orientation section of the Video inspector.

    • Click the Orientation button in the Orientation section of the inspector, then drag in the viewer to adjust the Orientation parameters. See Change the 360° orientation using the onscreen control.

      To constrain the movement to one axis, hold down the Shift key as you drag.

    The following parameters are particularly useful for tiny planets:

    • Field of View: Zoom in or out on the tiny planet.

    • Pan (Y): Rotate the planet.

    • Tilt (X): Create an inverted tiny planet.

    A tiny planet image on the left, with the Tilt parameter set to 0°, and the same image on the right with the Tilt parameter set to 180°, creating an inverted tiny planet

Tip: During production, have some fun and take a stroll around your tiny planet: Position your 360° camera, start recording, take two or three large steps away from the camera, then walk, ride, or skate in a concentric circle around the camera.

Published Date: Mar 22, 2019