Logic Pro X: Use the Trace object

Use the Trace object

Trace is a Scripter specific function, rather than a JavaScript function. You can also use Scripter’s Event.trace function to log events to the plug-in console. For more information, see Use the JavaScript Event object.

Trace(value) outputs the given value of any type to the Scripter console, which can be useful for generating debug outputs. It’s possible to mix different variable types in a single Trace() command, much like you would do with strings.

Note: Console output is thinned for performance reasons if you send too many Trace commands in a short timeframe. This also happens with event.trace.

Usage example for Trace() object

function HandleMIDI(event) { Trace("Hello World!"); var int = 1; var float = 1.234; var str = "Teststring"; Trace("The following is a float variable: " + float + " And now we inspect an integer: " + int + " And here's a test string: " + str); }
Published Date: Aug 9, 2019