Logic Pro X: Synthesizer basics overview

Synthesizer basics overview

If you are new to synthesizers, this appendix will help you understand the basics of sound itself and how this applies to synthesizers.

Important facts about synthesizers are discussed and explained, including the differences between analog, digital, and virtual analog synthesizers. You will also be introduced to the major synthesizer terms as you learn about the basic workings of these hardware- or software-based devices.

This appendix is not a detailed, scientific treatise on the inner workings and mathematical theories of synthesis. It is a basic guide to what you need to know, including some extras that are useful to know.

Experiment with the ES1, ES2, and other instruments while you read. Seeing and using the parameters and other elements that are discussed will help you understand the conceptual and practical aspects of synthesizers. See Instruments introduction.

Published Date: Aug 9, 2018
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