Logic Pro X: Retro Synth overview

Retro Synth overview

Retro Synth is a flexible 16-voice synthesizer that can produce a wide variety of sounds.

Retro Synth provides four different synthesizer engines—Analog, Sync, Wavetable, and FM. Each engine can generate unique sounds that are difficult or impossible to achieve with other types of synthesizers.

Retro Synth is very easy to use, with many identical controls found in each synthesizer engine.

If you’re new to synthesizers, it might be best to start off with Synthesizer basics overview, which will introduce you to the fundamentals and terminology of different synthesis systems.

The first step in creating a new sound is to choose a Retro Synth synthesizer engine. Your choice should be guided by the type of sound you want to generate.

Choose a synthesizer engine

Your choice of synthesizer engine changes the controls available. Most of these changes are seen in the Oscillator section.

Published Date: Aug 9, 2019