Logic Pro X: Ultrabeat settings

Ultrabeat settings

Ultrabeat settings are saved and loaded in the same way as other instruments.

Figure. Settings menu.

An Ultrabeat setting contains:

  • The drum kit, which consists of 25 drum sounds, including assignment and mixer settings.

  • The complete parameter settings of all 25 sounds

  • The sequencer settings and all patterns, including step automation, trigger, velocity, and gate information for all 25 sounds

The joint recall of all this information when loading an Ultrabeat setting is practical because the musical effect of the patterns, especially those with sequenced gate and velocity parameters, is often tightly tied to the tones of the sounds being used.

Note: When you save a drum kit with the Settings pop-up menu, only the location of the sample is saved with the setting. An Ultrabeat setting doesn’t save the audio files—merely a reference to their hard disk location. If you load a setting that contains a reference to a sample that has been moved or erased, a dialog prompts you to specify or find the sample. To avoid this problem, you can use the Finder to create and manage a dedicated Ultrabeat sample folder—for all sounds and kits.

Published Date: Aug 9, 2019