Logic Pro X: Create and remove steps

Create and remove steps

The Trigger row consists of buttons 1 through 32, which represent steps or beats in the selected sequence. Note trigger events are placed on corresponding steps. This is where you designate when (on which beat) the selected sound plays.

Note: You can create and remove steps while the step sequencer is running.

Figure. Trigger row.

Create steps

  1. Select the drum sound that you want to create steps for in the Assignment section.

  2. Click the On button to start the step sequencer.

  3. Choose a pattern and set the length and resolution that you want to use. See Ultrabeat pattern controls.

  4. Click the buttons you want—1 through 32—to activate or deactivate the selected sound on the corresponding beat. In the example shown above, these are steps 1 and 6.

Note: An alternate view allows you to simultaneously see and edit the steps of all drum sounds in the pattern. See Ultrabeat Step grid full view.

Remove a step

  1. Select the drum sound that you want to remove steps from in the Assignment section.

  2. Click the buttons—1 through 32—that correspond to the step or steps that you want to remove.

Note: Drag horizontally across the buttons to quickly turn trigger events on or off.

Published Date: Aug 9, 2019